Mallytov Cocktail

In order to grow, a business needs to constantly evolve. 

Sometimes, it needs a FASTER, more drastic CHANGE. 

It needs a REVOLUTION.

Get a brand make-over

to start a-fresh, to change your product or to move to a new market

Refine the look of your website

to gain trust of your prospective clients and to show the existing ones that you develop and grow

Employ new methods of communication

Whether it's a video or iconography, new flyers or a new website, make sure that your message is heard and the clients know who you are and what you stand for

We are a one-stop-shop for all these Creative Revolutions.

Our Revolutions

Branding Service@Mallytov


Branding means so much more than just a logo. It's a consistent and memorable look across all the platforms. It is what you say and how you say it.  It's the whole experience a client has while dealing with your business. 

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Web Design @ Mallytov


A website is your business's window display.  You want to grab people's attention, make them stay and eventually buy from you. But people are short for time,  so your look and website structure is important. So is the content. 

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Video Production @Mallytov


A video is a powerful tool of marketing. Studies show that nearly 75% customers buy products after learning about them from a video. If you provide services, a video will quickly explain your process, your values and show your personality, which is hard to do otherwise. We'd be delighted to film and edit a video for you. 

Graphic Design @ Mallytov


Good design will differentiate your business and make it memorable to your clients. Creative design can quickly tell engaging stories about your product, you and your clients. A professional design gains trust and shows that you understand the market and take your business seriously.