Creative Revolutions for Your Business

Strategic Branding, Web Design and Video Marketing

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Creative Revolutions for Your Business

Strategic Branding, Web Design and Video Marketing

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Mallytov Cocktail

We help you design the brand you want.

Elevate your brand identity to gain clients' trust

Develop a consistent look, feel and messaging system so your clients can easily understand what your brand stands for.

Develop a compelling brand strategy

Create a memorable experience for your clients and turn them into your brand's ambassadors.

We believe that even the smallest business can look great and be well positioned.

Whether a StartUp or an existing Business, we are all in a race to attract the best clients.

One way to attract them is to have a striking and memorable look and feel and a good strategy for positioning amongst the competition.


Branding Service@Mallytov

Branding is so much more than just a logo. It’s a consistent and memorable look across all the platforms. It includes your colours, fonts and style of images.  It is what you say and how you say it.  It’s the whole client experience.  

Web Design @ Mallytov

A website is your business’s window display.  You want to grab people’s attention, make them stay and eventually buy from you. But people are short for time,  so your look and website structure is important. So is the content. 

Video Production @Mallytov

A video is a powerful marketing tool.  Video can show benefits of your product or explain in an emotive way how your service helps others. It can humanise your business and help your clients connect with YOU. 

Clients' Love

Mally doesn’t just create a cool logo and brand, she really gets you to think about what you want your brand to achieve and the ways to go about this. Her creativity, passion and attention to detail are just amazing.
Robert Lynch
Company Director

Are you well positioned?


Get a brand make-over

to start a-fresh, to change your product or to move to a new market

Refine the look of your website

to gain trust of your prospective clients and to show the existing ones that you develop and grow

Employ new methods of communication

Whether it’s a video or iconography, new flyers or a new website, make sure that your message is heard and the clients know who you are and what you stand for