Mallytov Cocktail

Mallytov Cocktail

/malytof kokteil/ 


  1. a mixture of services used by creative revolutionaries to change the image of small businesses and to help them connect with their clients using various means tested ways.

  2.  also known as a creative device, entrepreneur’s grenade, small business apparatus, explosive ideas or simply Mallytov

Who are we?

We think of ourselves as Creative Revolutionaries, who are bringing positive change to small businesses all around London and beyond.

However, in a parallel universe, we would be described as a boutique creative studio,

but that sounds slightly less exciting, would you agree?

We are passionate about branding and telling stories through a visual medium. 

We love working with people, coffee and collaborative process.

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Our Revolutionaries

Mally Sworczuk


Like Napoleon, small in statue, but big in spirit and ambition. A story-teller at heart, whether it’s on a stage, through film or graphic design. With equal ease manages the Left and Right Side of the Brain and is not afraid to use either. She is the founding force behind Mallytov Cocktail and the one who usually throws the first creative grenade.

Our Secret Weapon


COMMANDER X is our secret weapon. He works at night, when the day is done and the world is asleep. There, in the shadow of the darkness, he leads an extensive army of words and employs the smartest grammatical tactics to ignite ingenious revolutions and win creative battles. A total geek.

Mischa Fathead


A true scientist at heart, she is often found by the bathroom sink where she scrupulously analyses water leaks. She feels personally responsible to control the local population of flies and migrating spiders and addresses her devoted army of soldiers in a squeaky manner clarifying details of food supply.

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