Molotov Cocktail

/molotof kokteil/


  1. is a generic name used for a variety of homemade bottle-based improvised incendiary weapons. Due to the relative ease of production, Molotov cocktails have been used by street rioters, urban guerrillas, irregular and even regular soldiers.They are primarily intended to ignite protests and revolutions.

  2. also known as a petrol bombgasoline bombpoor man’s grenade, fire bottle or just Molotov

Mallytov Cocktail

/malytof kokteil/ 


  1. is a proprietary name describing a mixture of home-office generated services used to change the visual identity of small businesses and help them spread their message to bring change and ignite interest amongst their ideal clients

  2.  also known as a creative device, entrepreneur’s grenade, small business apparatus or simply Mallytov 


Hi, I'm Mally.

I’m a colour enthusiast as well as a coffee and chocolate addict.

I believe I’m uniquely positioned to help you turn your business into a brand….

... here is why:

Having studied psychology and earned a Master’s in that field, I approach our work from a psychological angle. Who you are has a big impact on the type of brand you will build. Furthermore, the only way you can ensure that your brand is unique, is when you align it with your unique character traits, your interests and your way of doing things in life. 

As a developing coach, I believe that the answers to the kind of brand you want to build are within you. My job is to ask you the right questions, show you a different perspective when needed and suggest solutions – leaving the final choice to you. 

It’s my belief that there is always a PIP behind every BIP. 

The process of designing and developing a BIP (Brand in Progress) requires a PIP (Person in Progress), a constantly evolving, never-ceasing-to-learn owner of that business. So I work with PIPs to create their BIPs. 

As a trained actress, scriptwriter, film and theatre director, I know a thing or two about storytelling and the process of producing those narratives, whether in writing, video or performance. When we work together and discuss a strategy for your brand, I’ll guide this process by thinking like your potential client, from this point, it becomes easier to notice what’s missing in the message or process of working with your clients. 

I have a knack for design and I really like that work. I also think that design should come last in the process of branding. 

Design is like a great dress or a well fitted suit you put on when going to a strangers party. You don’t know anyone, you want to make a good impression and feel confident when you make new acquaintances. Once the dress or suit has grabbed people’s attention and they come over to chat to you, it’s WHAT you say and HOW you act that will determine whether they will be open to a relationship with you. We design the dress, sure, but we also work on the person within.

As an avid student of this profession and a constantly learning practitioner, I continue to study and develop different marketing techniques. I’ve learned to build the know, trust and like factor, the basis of building a brand. When we work together, we’ll also discuss marketing strategies and the STYLE that would be most suitable for the brand you have envisioned. We’ll make sure that your message lands with the right people and is not misunderstood. 

Finally, as a fellow entrepreneur,  I’m very aware that there is no greater challenge to your confidence than putting yourself out there. At the same time, I believe that starting and running your own business makes you grow as a person in a way that no self-development programme can ever achieve for you. Therefore, I am not afraid to share that running a business is sometimes challenging. Hence I get along very well with people who are braving this too. It’s not what we are, it’s who we grow into that matters. 

I work in a collaborative manner and I value: conversation, coffee, chocolate and laughter because building a business and a brand should have space for fun and friendship. 

If you need help with any part of your branding, whether you’d like to have an initial chat or go further, book your time here. Can’t wait to hear from you! 

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