How to Plan a Website for Small Business

How to Plan Your Small Business Website -Part 2


HOW TO PLAN YOUR SMALL BUSINESS WEBSITE- Part 2 In my previous post, “How to plan your Small Business Website- Part 1”  I talked about how to plan your website having your business needs in mind.  In this post we will look at 3 other areas, which you should consider when planning a small business website. These 3 key areas are: The Content. Make sure your visitors find the type of content they are looking for. Siteflow. Make your website […]

How to plan small business website

How to plan your small business website – Part 1


HOW TO PLAN SMALL BUSINESS WEBSITE – Part 1 I often hear from clients  “I want a nice looking website”, especially from clients who are very visual.  However, when I speak to them I realise that not many of those small business owners necessarily know what makes a good website and how to plan a small business website. When planning a website, in the first place, consider your business goals and your clients needs. Good and memorable design is a […]