#20 My Lockdown Travels (online)

I am pretty sure I have serious self-sabotaging tendencies. I had this inclination for some time now, although it was never as apparent as in the last two days. 

Just when I was supposed to hit Blog Post #20, which would mark one-fifth of my ultimate challenge goal (already adjusted to only five blog posts a week) I got stuck. 

I was doing so well. Just two days ago, on Wednesday, I had a project that required me to work for 12 hours straight (ok, one or two naps, I admit) and I still managed to finish my 19th blog post and publish it just before midnight. 

Yet, the next day, I slipped. 

Today, I was just about to do the same when I felt guilty. Interestingly, not towards myself or anybody else but I felt guilt towards the practice itself. 

Therefore, this blog post is a bit of a compromise. 

I am postponing my planned topic (Sales Funnel, nearly finished) and instead, I’d like to cover a more personal topic and share with you how I travel during the lockdown. 


For anyone reading this in the future, or reading it now but living somewhere else and not aware of what’s going on in the UK right now, let me set the scene. 

We are in full lockdown for the second time since the beginning of the pandemic. My phone is buzzing with notifications from news outlets bringing “breaking news” about how the infection number is rapidly rising again in London.

For various reasons, my partner and I have been very careful since it all began. That means that apart from going for walks and meeting a couple of friends (separately, always outside), I have been in almost permanent lockdown since March last year. 

Yet, in the meantime, I’ve managed to go back to Japan for a quick visit and wander through the streets of Tokyo. This morning, for the first time in my life, I visited Bhutan. An hour ago I married a Massai and moved to his boma. Now, I’m writing this blog post in the middle of my adventure in Istanbul. 


As unimaginable as it sounds to me, considering my ‘isolated’ situation, I know that there are people who actually travelled abroad this past year. Some more than once. I am aware of that. 

However, I needed to develop a different way of opening up my world. Geographically I’ve been confined to the flat we live in and some local parks, but thanks to YouTube I discovered a whole new way of travelling- globetrotting online. 

From what I’ve been hearing (online of course, where else!?), I am not the first one to do so. Since the pandemic began and countries started to limit people’s movement, there was apparently a statistical rise in viewing numbers of travelling videos, blog posts and even Google map usage. 

Travelling online became my escapism too. 

It started with a YouTube channel called Ramblac where the videomaker films his walks through the streets of Japan (no commentary, no footage of him, just natural sounds). 

I particularly liked a video filmed on a rainy day in Tokyo. Having just the sounds of the footsteps in the rain and the ever-changing street views and faces of people, put me in an almost meditative state. It was additionally magical for me because I was lucky to visit Japan in 2014 and have so many lovely memories from that trip. Watching that video and recognising some of the places, made me feel like I’m travelling again.

If, however, you want to stop saving for a house and instead, get a Massai husband and build your own house in his village, you can get first-hand advice from someone who’s done it all here (video from a Polish traveller with Polish subtitles, audio in English). 

Finally, if like me (and my cat, who spent 20 mins staring at the TV screen next to me) you’d enjoy the mountainous region of Bhutan, here is a documentary that introduced me to this Country of Happiness this morning.

Finally, for those who need a bit more escapism, let me introduce you to a young American couple I met today, Kara and Net who experienced real-life in Bhutan sharing time with the locals. These two have documented their travels to one hundred countries together. A word of warning, watching those travel vlogs can be addictive. 

So, if you need a bit of a stress-free but an educational break from what’s going on in your life (politics included), maybe online traveling could be the answer. After all, they say that travelling makes you wiser. I’m sure travelling on a sofa while someone else is doing the thing- can have the same effect. 

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