#16: Out with the old…

(2020 marketing review)

At the beginning of this week, in one the accountability groups I belong to, we did a group planning for the New Year. It started with an assessment of our marketing efforts from this year. 

When I made my list and read it out loud to the others, I have to say I  surprised myself and my colleagues. 

It was probably my busiest year to date in terms of my marketing efforts and that despite Covid, family issues and complete mental paralysis at the beginning of the pandemic. 

Here are some of my marketing highlights: 

  • I joined small accountability groups, which led to my first ever business coaching client and a new Web Design client
  • I run a free, impromptu organised, 5 day challenge on Sales Funnels, which helped me grow my email list, my Facebook Group and got me another coaching client
  • I run a small Instagram campaign which increased my subscribers
  • I messaged 90 networking contacts who I met over the last few years, reconnected with some of them and signed up a new Rebranding client thanks to that
  • I took part in a Giveaway (which was also a result of the above email campaign), grew my list and created my very first ebook (which made me an author of a Brand Strategy eBook read on five continents, a title I hold dear to my heart and which makes in me smile each time I think of it)
  • I did a presentation on Branding as part of the local business development initiative, which led to a paid speaking gig
  • I finally started regular, weekly newsletters and I have to say, I’m enjoying writing them
  • I set up two accountability groups, which made me connect with wonderful business owners and get the support I was after 
  • I visited and tested a couple of new free and paid networking groups, met some interesting people and signed a client from one of the groups I settled upon. 
  • I started 100-days-content-challenge, which as of today has helped me produce 16 blogs posts, increase my website traffic and gave me a reason to be more present on Linkedin and other social media platforms

None of these results is massive but they are all substantial. 

With each new activity, each new interaction, I always learned something new, stretched myself that little bit further. Each client I got through those activities was extra special, as it came as a result of me taking action. 

I feel like I have grown this year as a business owner in many ways:

  • I worked on my mindset and reprioritized how I think about money
  • I became a consistent content creator 
  • I developed a few new products (which I will be releasing next year)

Most importantly, this year, I have finally embraced marketing as a whole. After years of battling with the idea (reluctant marketer here), finally this year, I took the bull by horns. 

It wasn’t just the change of mindset and more consistent action. 

I did something far bigger and, almost, radical, as it changed my business: I joined an accreditation training in building Sales Funnels and after six months of studying, three modules and three exams, I am finishing this year as a ‘Master Marketer.’ 

2020 was truly a transformational year for all of us, including me.  

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