#15: What can we learn from 2020?

There are a lot of reasons why 2020 will go down in history. I guess the best way to describe the year would be to call it ‘exceptional’. For the majority of us, it was also a very “transformative” time. 

Transformation is a vehicle of change. 

Business Books are full of stories of individuals and companies that disrupted the industries and by doing so, changed them forever. 

Ford disrupted the fledgeling automobile industry by introducing an assembly line. Cirque du Soleil disrupted the circus industry by merging circus acts with high-end theatre experience. Apple disrupted the music industry by removing the need for disks and disks players and putting one’s whole music collection into a tiny, pocket-size, object. 

Covid-19 disrupted every industry and more. 

The way we spend our free time and the way we work was changed forever.  

The way we see our friends and family members were taken online, for the better or worse. 

It’s not a surprise that disruption of such global magnitude would test bonds and expose weaknesses. 

What already was weak, was exposed to the new pressure. Those that did not survive the test, collapsed. That goes for industries, businesses as well as human relationships. 

Likewise, what was going well and had a strong core, was tested by the experience and strengthened as a result.

With any change that is forced upon us, there is an opportunity for a new direction. 

With every door closed, another opens up. 

Disruption can be a force for good, even if at the beginning it does not seem like it. 

Opening up a new business can be a source of new relationships and new opportunities. Closing down a business will free up time for questions about what it is that we really want from life.

As human beings, we are built to be adaptable. 

As entrepreneurial spirits, we naturally look for possibilities for innovation and improvement. 

While we are still battling with this year’s most disruptive actor, Covid- 19, we can and should use those abilities to introduce new solutions and disrupt the old ways of doing things, so the ‘new normal’ is more than just the name.   

Source: Gartner.com

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